Wedding Party

Natalie Barham

Maid of Honor

Natalie is my sister who has been an amazing role model growing up. I may not have always been the nicest, but she always forgave me and loved me no matter what. She is an amazing wife, mother, and friend and I can't imagine anyone else standing right by me on the big day.

Abby Morris


Abby and I went to high school together and continued to stay friends all throughout college. We now live together in Baton Rouge! We may only be roomies for a short year, but I am so thankful for her!

Erin Rose


Oh Erin! I didn't like her when we started coaching softball at Cedar Creek together, but I quickly learned to love her and we became best friends! She is the friend who is always honest and straight forward. Thankful for her wisdom even if it's not always what I wanted to hear. Couldn't do life without her!

Gabby Richards


My soon to be sister-in-law! She has always been the best from day 1! I'm so thankful I get to add another amazing sister to my life! Proud of who she is and can't wait for many more life adventures!

Jennifer Farrar


My ride or die from the beginning. Aunt Jen is the one who probably understands me the best and can handle me even better...probably because we are just alike. I couldn't imagine her not standing by me since she's stood by me through the good, bad, and ugly!

Nicole Keahey


Nicole is probably the best friend that I have had the longest. We grew up playing softball together, but I moved to Ruston and she stayed in West Monroe. She's the one I can call at any moment or ask any question and she's always willing to help!

Rachel Lindsey


Rachel is my red headed best friend. She was my catcher in high school and has gotten many looks from me. No worries though, she threw them right back. She's the one that tries to keep me out of trouble...or tries to!

Sadie Flower


Sadie and I knew of each other in high school, but really didn't hang out until the end of college. After college, we ended up becoming roommates and I loved every minute of living with her. She's real and she loves hard if she's in your corner!

Taylor Toms


Taylor is the most genuine person I know. She always has the best advice and you can fully count on her for supporting and praying for you in all chapters of life. She's the type of friend that if you haven't seen in months, you still catch up like you didn't skip a beat.

Caleb Smith

Best Man

Caleb and I worked together and continued to stay friends even when we changed jobs. He has been with me at almost every race I’ve ever been in always ready to lend a hand. Now he has his own car and I know he will do great! He is one of my best friends and I can always count on him.

Chet Parks


Chet and I met in college and instantly became great friends. We have spent a lot of time in the woods chasing deer, hogs, and having the best duck hunts I’ve ever been on. He is always honest with me and tells me what he thinks no matter if I want to hear it or not. I value his friendship very much.

Dylan Robinson


Dylan and I grew up together and have always been best friends. We have been many miles together chasing dirt races, hunting deer, and mud riding. I am proud to call him one of my best friends and I am proud of the man he has become.

Evan Wilkerson


Evan and I are cousins and we also grew up together. We both went to Bastrop High and were glad to get out of there. Drag racing and late night mechanic work kept us out of trouble but also taught us valuable lessons in life. The stories involving us are endless and I am glad to call him my cousin.

Jake Dominique


Jake was my roommate in college and he is my Cajun best friend. We played football together in college and I am very thankful to call him one of my best friends.

Kash Stewert


Kash is my rodeo buddy. I can’t tell you how we met because I am not sure, but what I can tell you is that we have been to many dirt races and rodeos. We always have fun no matter what. I am glad to call him one of my best friends.

Kyle Steed


Kyle and I work together at Pender Industrial. He is my work best friend so he has to be in the wedding.

Nic Young


Nic was my roommate and I also worked for his company. We have been through some tough times together and I know he is always praying for me and my family. I am thankful that he is my Red Hot Best Friend.

Ryan Webre


Ryan and I didn’t grow up together but he is one of my best friends. We have been many miles together chasing mud rides and I am thankful that he is one of my best friends.

Ashley DeMeyere