Meredith and Devin

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Our Story

Devin was on Facebook one day and Meredith's name popped up on "People You May Know". He had seen her several times and thought she was pretty, so he decided to finally add her. A few days later, Father's Day to be exact, Meredith "liked" a picture Devin posted. Devin took that as a hint and slid right into her DMs. Meredith got the message right away, but made him wait for a little while before actually replying. They chatted for a while and then the next day Devin decided to call her. Meredith quickly told Devin that she was about to move to Baton Rouge and that she wasn't looking for a relationship. He said that was ok, but just give him the chance to take her on a date. She said she would see, but never really committed to anything. Well, after two nights of 3 hour phone conversations, Meredith agreed to go on a date with Devin. He picked her up and took her to dinner...and the rest, they say, is history!

They can't wait to start this next chapter of their lives and to celebrate with you all in July!
Ashley DeMeyere